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You only have to look at the Google search trends to see how common this question is. Vox pox and vox props also popular searches that demonstrate the same intrigue into the phrase that named our company. So what is a vox pop? The phrase itself comes from Latin and it translates as ‘voice of the people’. Today, a vox pop is a short video made up of clips taken from interviews with members of the public. These video interviews investigate public opinion towards widely known topics, brands or products and are commonly used for market research.

A distinct feature of vox pops videos is the setting for where the interviews take place. Because these videos usually investigate opinions of the general public, often anyone can qualify to share their views. As a result, crews will set up their cameras on the street or in public places and ask passers by if they would be willing to take part. This type of interview is known as an intercept interview. Vox pops videos may also target slightly more specific groups of people

Vox pops videos are always produced by compiling clips from these intercept interviews. This means the final videos have a very distinct style. Interviewees aren’t airbrushed and wearing make-up. Instead, they are often windswept and carrying shopping. Passers by in the background also make it obvious that the respondent hasn’t been pre-recruited or vetted on what to say, which is particularly important if the video is being used for market research. This lack of pre-recruitment or set-up interviews means vox pops videos really do represent the honest voice of the people, so the latin definition quite aptly suits the modern video interpretation.

One of the main key benefits to vox pops videos is the speed at which you can gather consumer feedback. Within a week, you could have 5 videos from 5 different countries that display consumer opinions towards your brand, service or product.

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