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At  adchrome we pride ourselves on our professional approach to event video production. From affordable single camera solutions to large scale multi-camera live broadcasts, our focus is on providing a high quality video solution that captures your event’s key moments, maximises the filming potential, and delivers promptly, all while offering you exceptional value for money. When you are putting on a publicity event, you want to be sure it is going to reach the maximum potential audience. Video is the perfect medium to ensure that exposure. We know how to craft publicity event videos which get attention and compel the viewer to keep watching.

Posting video online from your event will engage people who were unable to attend, or convince them to make the next time the event is offered. Video connects with your prospective clients by:

  • grabbing and holding their attention.
  • greeting them with an informative experience.
  • engaging and making them ready to buy.
  • educating and making an emotional connection.

Capturing a moment in time and making it last forever. Live events have a special buzz, they evoke feelings and emotions that we turn into lasting memories. Bold Content Video have experience creating event videos for a wide range of clients and across a diverse range of industries. We have had the privilege of working with leading organisations

We provide comprehensive events video solutions for any scale of event in any location, anywhere in the world. We’ve covered  everywhere in between. Our team are professional and discreet in getting exceptional footage that will capture every aspect of the event, from the atmosphere and buzz to the key messages and learning points. What do conferences, seminars, award ceremonies, live music concerts, product launches and charity functions have in common? We’ve filmed them all!

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