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While you are in transit, you often come across a number of ads of brands, company, services, sale, awareness etc. displayed on big boards. These boards are called billboards or hoardings. Apparently, the purpose of billboards is to appeal your eyes, trigger your mind, market the brand and tickle the viewer's temptation to engage with the product/service. They are categorized under out-of-home advertising and is very effective due to its widespread outreach. 

We have developed wallpanels displays in very innovative way for advertising in malls, commercial building, glass walls etc. These types of displays are generally used for mass advertising purposes. We deal in large outdoor and indoor multi color  LED Signage suppliers for major advertising campaigns. We provide end-to-end solutions, making it easier for client to incorporate print walls in their Communication/Advertisement system. Our 360° solution includes hardware, software, installation, customization, content & support.

Billboards are the most popular kind of Outdoor Advertising medium prominently used in India and the World. Billboards are also known as Hoardings in India and many other parts. Billboards are the huge boards with advertisements posted over a panel made of metal or wood. Though as of today this traditional nature of billboards has changed with time due to the introduction of Digital Hoardings and other creative experiments. But the thing that has remained unchanged is the strong hold of billboard advertisement in the outdoor advertising agency

Our extensive portfolio, coupled with our premiere locations, offer an unparalleled opportunity for branding, amplification, and success. We deliver impact where it matters. We offer a Design & Print Service whereby we undertake a site survey to establish levels of your existing timber hoarding or posts and rails. Then we originate artwork using your corporate elements and photographs, or we can start from scratch and create a complete corporate identity.

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