Lecture Video Production

We offer a wide range of services to organisations from primary to higher education, at a price that fits your budget. This includes fast-turnaround lecture and talk recordings, educational animated videos and promotional content to help your institution grow. Whatever your requirements, we can create the video you need. How to’ videos are the single most popular type of content on YouTube, and the e-learning industry is growing faster than ever. Why? Because video works. Combining images and words can improve the effectiveness of a learning programme by up to six times, as demonstrated by the Pictorial Superiority Effect. 

We're always looking to innovate and dabble in new technologies and techniques, so pitch us a style, idea, or medium, and let's try to make something special!.
Access to a green-screen studio and vast array of audio and video technology. Videos are in the hands of an innovative staff with years of video, graphics, and theater experience. Our driving goal is to make videos efficiently and professionally.

A highlights video can provide people who could not attend with a complete overview of the lecture. It also can be used to market your conference for next year’s attendees. Captures a traditional lecture in the most engaging way possible. Multiple angles allow for a rhythmic and dynamic piece to be edited in place of a traditional lecture practices From keynote speakers to interviews with the guests, we make sure to capture it all on video. 

We specialise in short and long form video content suitable for the digital age. Whether you want to promote your brand, capture the excitement of a live event or turn an imaginative idea into a video reality, we’ve got you covered. Our creative vision centres around the production of videos that are exciting and immersive. This paves way to our driving aim of producing video content for you, that is ready for the modern social media world we live in.

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