Launch Party Video Production


Launch videos are used as information and multimedia tools in the launch events of new products, company events and PR and maeketing related functions.

Sometimes a launch video is created as a “backdrop” to a main event i.e. a fashion show… At other times the video forms a main part of the presentation, giving all the valuable information and images of the given product in one powerful, multimedia display. Launch videos are often projected on to large screens or shown on several screens simultaneously. 

Our video production crew has extensive film-making and video production experience, coupled with a passion for focused, and professional video on health & safety, web, training, marketing, corporate, animation, corporate, animation & motion graphic related information.Request a quote for video production Services.


  • A launch video can far more comfortably introduce a brand, service or product without the need for long, drawn out speeches.
  • Details such as technical specifications can be displayed easily in various ways and ca be repeated at regular intervals. This is the sort of information that is too long or complicated to try to communicate verbally.
  • The “feel” or atmosphere can be shared effectively through carefully selecting the right graphics, music and pace of the launch video. 

We are passionate about making every event we produce look spectacular. So whether you need a video for a small corporate event or a multi-day conference, we would love to work with you.Our in-house team of video specialists can facilitate all aspects of event video production. We have years of experience producing event videos and have invested heavily in production and post-production equipment to deliver the highest quality pieces.

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