How to start Social Media Marketing

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This blog “Social media marketing” is for beginner who are not aware of social media marketing, this blog will give them a start of digital marketing in few steps

As the name demonstrates to itself that now-a-days Social Media is eating everybody’s consideration at whatever point somebody talk about promoting, marketing and advertising It appears “Digital Marketing” is extremely popular for advertisers nowadays. You need more likes. You need more offers. You need more comments. What’s more, you need more click-through.


  1. Set objectives that address your greatest difficulties.
  2. Identify your target audience.
  3. Learn as much as you can about targeted audience. 
  4. Analyze your competition.
  5. Create engaging content.
  6. Hashtags

Set objectives that address your greatest difficulties.

Setting an objective is the very first thing to start Social media marketing as the stats says that 1.59 billion daily active users on Facebook on average for June 2019 source (Facebook)  .so you have to be specific while setting an objective.
The most significant part of social media marketing is to set S.M.A.R.T goals.SMART is an acronym which stands for.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timely 

Without setting SMART objective social media marketing is like cooking without the right ingredients and expecting results.
Then another most important thing is Brand awareness
And then Relationship with customer, listen their queries, ask them for reviews, reply their comments and rating and respond to their complains as fast as you can.

Identify your target audience

Second most important part of social media marketing is take out few people out of many this will help you in many ways such as selecting people while boosting Facebook, Instagram ads.
The best practice for identifying audience is creating user persona see the example below.

After creating a complete and brief user persona you are almost done with refining your audience which will help you in next step.

Learn as much as you can about targeted audience. 

Once you have shortlisted your audience now this is the time for creating your posts, covers and ads according to your audience.
For Example: your audience age is between 18-24, who are at-least done intermediate, lives in Germany 
Now the post or ad you will design keep these things in your mind, you will use the content which will attract this age group, you can target them through their study material, you can boost your post to only university going students.
This is how you will get more response in less time.

Analyze your competition.

This is the part where you have to look different from other.
You have to show to your audience that WHY YOU ???
This is also called competitive analysis where you determines strength and weakness of competitors within your market.

There are two ways of doing this Either look from your audience view point and gather all your competitors together and work on that OR you look for your competitors’ competitive strategy and try to take out something from that.

Another thing to remember at this stage is that you can also look for the ingredients your competitors are using which might reveal their success recipe so you can add more ingredients in it to become more successful.

Create engaging content.

Content is greater than everything, keep this in your mind that does not matter how attractive images you are using, how much money you are spending on boosting, how much time you are giving to your ad if your content is not good enough to catch your public.

As it said that

Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.” 

Yes, if the content is not engaging your reader then nothing will that is why you can not ignore it.It have to be unique, it have to be new and it have to be engaging otherwise it is useless.
Tips to create engaging content.

  • Be original
  • Create it with intent
  • Make it valuable 
  • Be creative 
  • Should be actionable
  • Mistake-less 

Delivering engaging content is not simple. That is why businesses agree that it is the most challenging part of their advertising campaigns.
In any case, with some additional time and exertion, you can figure out ways to create it.
It is all about being original.


Twitter is the very first website to use hashtags and where hashtags are most broadly utilized today.

A hashtag is  the pound sign (#) . It’s utilized inside a post via web-based networking media to help the individuals who might be keen on your point to have the option to discover it when they search for a catchphrase or specific keyword. It attracts thoughtfulness regarding your posts and support connection

Things to consider while adding hashtags

  1. Pick the correct words
  2. Do not use too much hashtags.
  3. Relate able

There are also some paid tools to get hashtags such as Hashtagsforlikes you can also use them to get unique and top rated hashtags.
Hashtags are the only things to bring your post or ad in search results so be careful while adding them to your post use only those words for hashtags which represents you or your post. 


As the world is moving so fast so we have to match its speed to grow our business too.
Advertising has been changed over the year and this is the time of social media, As we know that Facebook has around 2.4 Billion source (Statista)  active users which is very big in numbers so we can use such platform to advertise our business very well and for that the only thing we need is our Business page on that platform.

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