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Branded content is an effective response to an increasingly saturated market. Today, users are overwhelmed with ads and information at all times, to the point that many of them resort to solutions such as ad blockers.In this situation, brands need to look for new ways to connect with their audience, impact them in creative ways and convey the values they represent. Branded content is a great solution to all these needs.

Branded content is a very flexible concept, so it can be adapted to many different formats: video content, podcasts, interactive formats, videogames, actions on the street, events ... or even combine several of them to tell the history of the brand. In the same way, there are also many different resources to diffuse it, from applications to social networks through to the brand's website.It is very common for brands to collaborate with film directors or other renowned professionals to create their most outstanding content. But the collaboration does not end there: it is also possible to resort to the users themselves to tell their stories about the brand and thus get involved with brand engagement while providing content

 In product placement, the product always appears very clearly, while in branded content this is not an essential requirement. Whilst the brand has the confirmation that their product will be present, the control of the details about what goes on around the product placement, i.e. the context of the placement is mostly controlled by the creators of the main content (for example, a movie or series) and not on the brand itself. Conventional digital advertising, with methods such as banners that hinder navigation, increasingly generate more rejection among users. Instead, branded content seeks to attract them naturally and make them want to get closer to our brand.

Branded content allows local businesses to get their name out there in a different way than regular marketing or advertising. Rather than posting ads for products or services, branded content provides useful information for consumers

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