Bus Shelters in Pakistan

We provide bus shelters in pakistan and fuse brand communications to educational sector where information regarding the brand and its benefits are communicated to students and children in a unique experiential way. We plan and execute the right events which are suitable for the brand and the target market. Through these events we make a strong impression in the minds of students as well as the parents. This procedure promote buying and adapting of the products on a longer course of time

At Adchrome Advertising we value the clients and their mission statement most thats why we provide creative bus shelters in pakistan. We know how important is your vision to become a successful brand in Pakistan. We initiate the process by talking to you about your product and its target customers.

After the product and its target customer is evaluated, we develop a market research and survey for your products

During the market research process we pay special attention to the feedback of our channel partners and stake holders and incorporate the important steps in our business strategy.
We develop a pricing structure for your product line and develop a convenient Logistics and Distribution System which is viable from the cost point of view.

Campaign Concept Creation

Our team will develop the best strategy to implement at the right school and colleges in pakistan.

Execution of Campaign

Our expert teams know well how to create best experiences and activities which promote adaption of products. We ensure each and every step of brand activation drive is implemented as per the plan

Feedback Sharing

The last but most important step in an education themed activation is the sharing of regular feedback to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign. We have our own proven IT system which helps in the sharing of feedback like images, attendance, interested customers and questions/feedback

Examples of Bus Shelters in Pakistan

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